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We are sad to say it, but 2014 will be the last year for Sunny Crew Media. We appreciate everyone's support over the years. Founders David Taylor, Alex Taylor, Scott Hern, and Brian Byrge never expected Sunny Crew to grow like it did and could not have done it if it wasn't for the great people we added to our crew over the years and of course our many fans. We have made a huge impact on Seven Springs throughout our 5 year run on and even off the mountain. Our website will be fully functional up until the end of this year. All of our edits and other video material will be on this website for your enjoyment until that time, every single one from the beginning of Sunny Crew to the most recent.


The Sunny Crew Story

The Sunny Crew did not actually begin just as a ski group. We actually went through numerous name changes for the ski group until we found one and stuck with it. Some of our previous name ideas were 'True Chaos' and 'WKN5'. The Sunny Crew name, however, was first used for an indoor soccer team. This team was made up of the founders of Sunny Crew Media and some high school friends. This team was not meant to be serious in any way and basically was just a way to have fun. After the soccer season ended, it appeared that the Sunny Crew name was quite popular and becoming well known. The name then carried over from being used for a soccer team called 'The Sunny Crew' to a ski crew called 'Sunny Crew Media'. Sunny Crew Media began in 2010 with only 4 core members. It grew every year just by meeting new people at Seven Springs, mostly in the terrain parks, who shared the same passion for skiing and just plain having fun. Once we met new people, we met the people that they knew and it eventually just became a huge network of friends who just love to have fun and shred the parks at Seven Springs. Today, we have about 40 core members spread out between more than 20 different school districts and colleges. 

Sunny Crew Soccer

made in 2010

Made in 2010


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